Muslim Names and Meaning

Islamic Baby Names

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Muslim names

Name Gender Meaning Favorites
Aziz, AzizBoyPowerful (dear)
AzizahGirlEsteemed, precious, cherished.
Azizah, Aziza, AzeezaGirlPrecious, cherished, beloved, dear
AzmatBoyRespect, honor.
AzraGirlMaiden, Pious, Woman.
AzraaGirlUnpierced pearl.
AzraqBoyBlue, name of a companion of the Prophet.
AzraqiBoyHe was an authority on the history and geography of Makkah.
AzzahGirlYoung, female gazelle.
Azzah, AzzaGirlYoung, female gazelle
AzzamBoy Determined, resolved.
BaahirBoyDazzling, Brilliant
BabarBoyOrigin: Hindi. Literal Meaning: Lion. Contextual meaning: King of Jungle; Lion hearted, brave, courageous and exemplary leadership qualities. Highly, powerful and influential, very charsimatic and bold with splendor and positive radiance.
BaberBoyCourageous, Lion.
Badi al ZamanBoyThe marvel of time
BadiaGirl Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique
Badiah, BadiaGirlUnprecedented, amazing, admirable, unique
BadrBoyFull moon
Badr al DinBoyFull moon of the faith