Muslim Names and Meaning

Islamic Baby Names

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Muslim names

Name Gender Meaning Favorites
Abdul KhabirBoyServant of the Aware
Abdul KhaliqBoyServant of the Creator
Abdul LateefBoyServant of the Kind
Abdul LatifBoyServant of the Kind One
Abdul MaajidBoySlave of the Excellence.
Abdul MaalikBoySlave of the Master, the Lord.
Abdul MajeedBoyServant of the Glorious
Abdul MajidBoyServant of the Glorious One
Abdul MalikBoyServant of the Master (or King)
Abdul ManiBoySlave of one who prevents.
Abdul MannanBoySlave of the Benefactor.
Abdul MateenBoySlave of the Firm.
Abdul MatinBoyServant of the Firm, Strong
Abdul Mu'eidBoy Servant of the Restorer.
Abdul MubdeeBoySlave of the Originator.
Abdul MubdiBoyServant of the Originator
Abdul MueedBoySlave of the Restorer, the Reproducer.
Abdul MughniBoyServant of the Enricher
Abdul MuhaiminBoyServant of the Supervising, the Guardian, the Protector
Abdul MuhayminBoySlave of the Protector.
Abdul MuhsiBoyServant of the Reckoner
Abdul MuhsinBoySlave of the Benefactor.
Abdul MuhyeeBoySlave of the one who gives life and sustains it.
Abdul MuhyiBoyServant of the Giver of Life
Abdul MuidBoyServant of the Restorer