Muslim Names and Meaning

Islamic Baby Names

A Good and Beautiful Name is the Greatest Gifts You can Give Your Children.

Muslim names

Name Gender Meaning Favorites
Jad AllahBoyGift of God
JadaGirlGift, present
JadwaGirlGift, present
JafarBoyRivulet, stream.
Jahan AaraGirlAdornment of the world.
Jahan KhatoonGirlShe was a Persian poet.
JahanaraGirlTo flower, to live.
JahangirBoyA moghul emperor had this name.
JahdamahGirlShe was a female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
JahdamiBoyAn authority for hadith had this name.
JahdariBoyAn authority of Quran had this name.
JahfarBoyRivulet, little creek
JahidaGirlHelps the vulnarable.
JahizBoy Bigeye
JahmyyllahGirlBeautiful one
JalBoyResolution, firm will
Jala, JalaGirlClarity, elucidation
Jalal al DinBoyGlory of the faith
JaleesBoyCompanion, friend, person with whom one sits.
JalilBoyGreat, revered.